3 Signs to Look for When She is Ready to be Proposed to

If you have been committed for quite a while, you may be beginning to consider marriage. But sometimes it can be tad bit hard to judge if your partner is ready to be engaged or not. While many couples do consider having a future together and discuss their plans, and sometimes she is ready for you to propose. If you have been thinking of proposing her, then you need to determine your budget for buying a proposal ring in Singapore for your partner. And if not, then you should still begin, particularly if you want to want to propose them anytime soon. You can also lookout for the signs when she is ready to be proposed to:

  • Speaking of diamond rings

This is one of the major hints to look out for when she is ready for you to propose now is when she discussed about diamond rings. This is essential to be kept in mind when you begin to shop for engagement rings online. You may also want to pay keen attention to her favourite diamond shapes and ring metal. If she cannot stop mentioning the pear shaped diamond engagement ring, then it is the time you should buy one. If she keeps mentioning engagement rings every now and then, then she may also be browsing them online. Always keep a close eye on the types of rings she loves on social media for ideas on what her ring of dreams look like.

  • The proposal stories of her friends

Another sign to look out for is when she usually shares proposal stories. She may be elaborating on about the time when the boyfriend of her best friend got engaged or proposed on a cruise or a beach etc. These incidents are narrated to you so that to give you ideas on how she would like you to propose. Once you know she is all set to be engaged, it is time to begin planning on the proposal as well.

  • Wedding television

Last, but not the least, the major sign you need to look out for when she is ready to be proposed right now is that she has been watching such events on TV. Many people begin to watch reality shows such as The Bachelor that has special episodes merely dedicated to the proposal stories. If she has been watching such things on repeat, then she may be tugging at your heart strings. This is a sure shot sign to where she is most definitely ready to be engaged and it is high time for you to propose now.


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