Addressing Common Misconceptions About Junk Removal Services

Hiring a junk removal service is a lifesaver when you have piles of junk that needs disposal. These services are convenient and efficient. But while junk pick-up may seem quite in-demand, there are still some misconceptions that cloud people’s expectations whenever they call to book an appointment. Often these misconceptions are the same reasons why others hesitate instead of relying on them to help with difficult junk removal tasks. In this article, we will address these common myths and misconceptions and clarify them once and for all.

Hiring a junk removal service costs a lot of money

Perhaps one of the common errors people make is assuming that hiring a junk removal service is expensive. But if you consider how much time you save by allowing experts to haul away heavy piles of garbage from your home, you will appreciate the value these services bring. When you call Evergreen Junk Removal, they will give an estimated cost based on the volume of junk.

What you can expect to pay is the amount of space filled up by the trash in the dump truck. Indeed, other factors may contribute to the fee, such as the type of junk and job difficulty. Nevertheless, you are paying for labor, equipment, and expertise.

Junk removal companies recycle everything

Recycling may not always be part of the package. It is true to a certain extent that junk removal companies sort and recover recyclable items from your junk, but not every company has this capability. If recycling is important to you, you may want to choose a company that employs these practices.

All junk removal companies handle any waste

Junk hauling companies will not turn away any job, whether big or small. But, there are instances when they will turn down a particular client if they are not qualified to handle certain types of waste. One example is hazardous chemicals. These materials require special handling, and a regular garbage removal company may not have the know-how for proper handling and disposal. What you can do is contact your local Municipal Sanitation department for their policies on how to dispose of hazardous waste.

Hiring a junk removal company is only suitable for large items

Most people commonly hire junk removal services when they are moving out or renovating their homes. As such, it has become a common misconception that you only need to hire a garbage removal company when you cannot handle hauling and disposing of bulky junk and debris yourself. But hiring a junk removal service is a suitable solution any time you need someone else to deal with piles of trash in your home, whether big or small.

Do you need someone to help clean out your attic or your garage? Perhaps you are looking to remodel your bathroom and need help hauling away an old tub? All these examples are perfect situations to hire a junk removal service. It does not have to be a big job; what is most important here is that you are looking for a hassle-free way to get rid of the garbage, and a junk removal service has the tools and workforce available to get it done.



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