Do you want to get Free Likes on Instagram without a hashtag? Here are the Reasons

At the point when Instagram first came out, it appeared as though everybody was tossing #tbt and #fashion on the entirety of their posts.

In any case, Mention, a social media platform and web showcasing tools investigated 115 million Instagram accounts in 2018 and found that 33% of Instagram posts don’t utilize any subtitles. Know everybody likes heaping on the hashtags.

They’re one of the primary ways individuals construct an after on the social media platform, yet in all honesty, you can at present pick up Instagram supporters without utilizing hashtag.

If you are wondering how you can use get more likes on Instagram without using hashtags, then you are lucky to find this post. In this article, we’ve documented some precious points that you can use instead of purchasing Instagram likes to your accounts.

If that is you craving to know the intricacies behind getting real Instagram likes for cheap without using hashtags, below are the main points to use;

  • You can tag your geographical location
  • Post and share engaging stories
  • Write longer caption

You can tag your Geographical Location

Similarly, individuals use hashtags to look at comparable posts, individuals utilize Instagram’s Location labels to do something very similar. In case you’re somebody who’s frequently all over town in popular places, labeling your area can cause your post to show up under the area’s labeled picture list, guaranteeing that others taking a look at the spot can go over your post and conceivably follow you.

This will make even your friends who know your geographical place to follow you.

Post and Share Engaging Stories

While it’s frequently the adherents you as of now have that look at your Stories, you can even now utilize them to pick up supporters. On the off chance that somebody posts something intriguing enough on their Story, you screen capture it (with their consent username still in it) and offer it on my own Story.

Write longer Caption

Nobody is signing onto Instagram to understand passages.

 However, Mark Schaefer, an online media showcasing master and creator of Marketing Rebellion says that there may be something to posting longer-than-normal inscriptions.


Hashtags are also the main contributor to more like on your page. However, if you don’t know how to use the hashtag, the above techniques can help you get real Instagram likes for cheap.


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