Features of a good pet portrait

Getting custom pet portraits is not enough. The deal is getting good pet paintings. It is not a walk in the park finding a good pet portrait but the following features will help you tell apart a good and not-so-good pet portrait.

Go for Natural Light Portraits

Flash light from the camera while taking your furry friend’s photo may scare him away and result into blurred pictures or red-eyes. Going for a natural light will do as this will even be clearer. You could take the pictures from a room that has natural light, from the outside or through a nice wide window. If you happen to have or gain access to studio lights, try experimenting as they could serve as substitutes to natural light.

Portrait Framing

To capture your pets’ best personality, carefully consider your composition. You can whack the macro on to get a clear and closer look or better still take a step back to be able to encapsulate the photo best.

There are different types of frames that could be used for your pet paintings. Choose one that best serves you and meets your preferences.

Consider the Eyes

Eyes are the best way of telling emotions. It is not different for pets. Whether you choose to paint your pet or capture it, you have to pay close attention to its eyes. Getting them clear and sharp will create the best portrait ever.

Quality Medium

There is different medium of paints that you could use to paint your dog. You can opt to paint by numbers where you are provided with all the necessary tools, or hire the services of pet portrait artists. Either way, quality of the medium used is crucial. You can opt for oil or acryl as these serve for the longest time-decades. Likewise, charcoal and pencil will do best for sketches or black and white portraits.

Style and Art used

Different artists have different styles of painting portraits as well as displaying them. The art or style used should tell the personality or rather should bring out the real pet. It should also meet your specifications. A good style or art will never run out of place in case technology or preferences change over the years.


Background is a crucial factor when it comes to a pet portrait. There are artists who are able to edit your pet’s background as well as configure everything under one frame. They also customize the background bringing out the required mood. A good background will ensure perfect pet portrait.

Final Remarks

These among others are the features that you would consider while buying or paint your pet’s portrait. Whatever painting you settle for has to meet your preferences, be of high quality, background and photographs clear, and all other factors met. A good portrait will retain memories for decades as well as add gloom and taste to your house. This will contribute to you have such and more pet paintings in the future.


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