Grab The Combo Deals From Guerlain All Rounders!

Are you tired of searching for individual creams or lotions? Difficulty in matching among varied brands is no new in cosmetic marketing. Thus, grew the demand for pouch sets and combo packs as they offered many in one. The Guerlain Singapore beauty stores’ best collections is currently on fire among beauty enthusiasts to match fashion trends. Delicately packed in pouches or boxes for damage-proof delivery and future storage, even the outer look visualizes the elegance of contents!

Gifting Combos

The packed contents aren’t vague but suited to one another.

  • Super aqua eye serum combined with face masks complete the mini facial hydrating task. Both contain rose fragrant aqua-based gel balancing the successive effects.
  • Exceptional collection of the mirror, makeup brush in string pouch, and set of pearl powders and terracotta gold light bronzing powder.
  • Royale double renew repair serum set is an elegant choice with the glittering gold kit with moisturizing spray mist, dropper serum, and pre-cleansing lotion.
  • Opulent set of Edt bloom rose essence and EDP Shalimar spray combined with imperial essence in lotions. Complete kit of mesmerizing fragrance for longer hours.

There is no more hassle of frantic searches; carry around your customized set of mini parlors anywhere around with you!