How to Prepare for Class 10 Social Science Exam

Social Science is a subject that does not require the understanding of concepts, formulas and theorems. It’s a subject that demands you to remember the events of History, important dates, definitions. Most students find this subject daunting as they have to remember and memorise most of the topics. But, if you start seeing this subject from another perspective, then you will find that scoring in Social Science is easy as compared to other subjects. You only need to know the proper way of studying this subject. So, to help you, we have provided some tips, which will surely benefit you and create your interest towards Social Science.

Tips to Study Social Science to Score High Marks

Class 10 Social Science subject is mainly divided into History, Political Science, Geography and Economics. If you closely analyse, then you will find that the Social Science NCERT books for Class 9 and 10 are designed in such a way that they are correlated to each other. In Class 9, you have studied the basic definitions, and in Class 10 you will explore their functions and applications. So, those students who have studied NCERT Book Class 9 Social Science thoroughly will be able to understand the topics in a better way and would also be able to correlate them effectively. It will also generate their interest in Social Science subject.

Here we have listed a few tips which will help students when they are studying or preparing for the Social Science exam.

  • When you are studying History, and you find it difficult to remember the long answers, then try to make a note of events in chronological order and try to remember them in the form of a story.

  • A good way of remembering the names of important places and events is to stick sticky notes near your study area. It will keep reminding you of those dates, and after some time it will be on your fingertips.

  • In Geography, you often come across maps. The best way to remember maps based on different topics is to create Apart from this, you need to practice a lot and subsequently you would be able to make a picture memory, which will last for a long duration.

  • In Political Science, make a list of the important laws, their year of enactment, their uses and their abbreviations. Try to learn this subject by correlating it to our constitution and democracy. In this way, you will understand the topic easily, and it will also endure longer in your memory.

Once you have completed the entire syllabus from NCERT Book Class 10 Social Science, then you should start solving the previous year’s question papers. It will help you in understanding the way a question is asked in the exam, difficulty level of paper and important questions from the exam perspective. Solving papers will also boost your confidence level and thus help you in scoring more marks in the exam.