Learn the DIY Method to Install Vinyl Flooring in Easiest Way

If you’re planning to renovate your house or upgrade its value as an asset, then you should think of changing the flooring instead of furniture. People think that installing flooring can be an expensive affair and often jump to buy new furniture or change the wall colour. Surprisingly, we have options in flooring now that are within budget, but also come in the luxury category.

One such flooring is luxury vinyl plank flooring. You can still research different flooring options available in the market, but nothing can beat luxury vinyl flooring. Once you have decided to buy vinyl flooring, the next step is to install it on the floor. Often people call the installation service to get it installed.

However, the fact is, vinyl flooring is too easy to install. It can also be done by homeowners through the DIY method.

Installation of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

  • Remove the moisture content from your floor with a dehumidifier so that the vinyl floor sticks properly. Then remove all debris through sweeping and use a vacuum to remove all dirt to ensure that the floor is completely dry and ready to use.
  • Fill all broken patches and ensure that the whole floor is at the proper level for the plans to stick properly. You can use a belt sander to reduce the high spot.
  • Now apply primer on the floor, at least two coats, in the similar method as you apply paint.
  • Trim the door jambs so that you can slide the vinyl planks underneath.
  • Insert shims to create a little gap between the flooring and wall. It helps the planks to contract or expand during temperature variation.
  • Now snap the plank together in a row meeting their ends. Attach all rows by locking them together and lay them on the floor by pushing the tongue into the groove.
  • Hook the pull bar on the last plank near the wall and push them with the help of the pull bar to close the line.
  • The gap created with expansion should be covered with nails now. However, don’t hit the nail on the flooring because it needs to expand during temperature change.
  • Sometimes, you may have to cut the planks and jamb for the planks to fit in properly at the doorways and the door should open and close smoothly.
  • After placing the vinyl planks on the floor install shoe moulding to fill the expanded gap between the base trim and the flooring. Use 1-1/4th inch finish nails so that it doesn’t pin the floor during the process.

Now your floor is installed and looks great. Use your pull bar and rubber latest to ensure that every plank is properly locked and placed properly. Give final touch by trimming edges, if you find any rough edges. Remove all tools and sweep the floor after 72 hours to remove all dirt and particles.

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