Living & Feeling Better: How Keter Group & Alejandro Pena Are Taking Charity Initiatives to the Next Level

Led by CEO Alejandro Pena since he was appointed to the position under a decade ago, Keter Group has enjoyed a prosperous several years as the business endeavors to create more sustainable outreach opportunities.

Founded on creating sustainable home and garden decor, Keter Group has enjoyed over 75 years of global manufacturing experience while building a reputation for using sustainable resin materials.

A leader in sustainability and affordability, the Israel-based Keter Group recently announced a philanthropic partnership with the team at Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada (RMHCC). The partnership seeks to connect needy families with temporary housing as they travel to meet the medical needs of an ill child.

Introducing Keter Green Spaces

Under the guidance of CEO Alejandro Pena, Keter Green Spaces has been a cornerstone of the company’s efforts to give back to communities while imploring the importance of sustainability.

Employed by actual Keter Employees, Keter Green Spaces includes events focusing on teaching children to garden while minimizing their carbon footprint. The goal of the program is to stress the importance of sustainability. Keter employees work directly with children in a positive and fun environment as they teach them to get their hands dirty for sustainable gardening. The hands-on program often features donations from Keter to the tune of chairs, trash receptacles, tables, and other accessories ideal for gardens.

Keter Green Spaces branched into supporting the Ronald McDonald House Charities by sending Adirondack Chairs, LatchPro Storage Boxes, Deco Wastebaskets, and other equipment to facilities that need them.

Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada is a nonprofit organization that continues to offer temporary housing to families with seriously ill minors as they travel to meet the medical needs of their loved ones. With many stresses, finding a safe and comforting place to rest can be significant.

The RMHCC runs more than 30 programs throughout Canada, with 15 Ronald McDonald Houses available. Families can find shelter at facilities close to the medical centers where their loved ones receive treatment. Locations are available throughout the country, with spots in Vancouver, Montreal, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Toronto.

McDonald’s often runs events to support charitable outreach programs like the RMHCC financially. One event McDonald’s runs is the McHappy Day, which sees a portion of all proceeds sent to either children’s charities or the RMHCC directly. In 2022 alone, McDonald’s raised $5.7 million.

Keter has worked closely with the RMHCC as it has donated time and premier KEter products to the Serenity Garden adjacent to the RMHCC South Central Ontario location. Keter has given Darwin Raised Garden Beds, Alpine Adirondack Chairs, and several small storage sheds.