Things you don’t know about Luis Martello- the Third Best Musician in the world.

Luis Martello has made his place in notícias de hoje. There are things which you might not know about him.

Luis Martello is a trumpet player from Portugal. He was born in Barcuona, Mealhata. He has been living in the UK for the last six years. Recently in 2020, he received the bronze medal. He won the bronze medal at the World Music Awards held in the United States. He got the award for the category “third-best musician in the world.”

Just being 31-years old, Luis Martello was also selected at the Global Music Awards. He was nominated for his performance with Sorondo Southey. It was held at a studio in London. The concert was performed live at the internet. Fans can find it on YouTube by typing “Luis Martello – Toronto Southey 3- full live concert”. Two received the award of “Best Latin Jazz Singer” and “Best Musician. “This has made it the third-best instrument in the world by 2020.

Martello believes that the prize was given to him as a gift for his originality. He also considers it a gift for travelling around the world.

Luis Martello began his career at Portugal. He was associated with the Philharmonic Association from seven to twenty years old. He also expresses his grief about the fact that in Portugal, it is only the singers who are known by the people. The musician never receives the appreciation they deserve in Portugal. He also laments that if you are a musician, no one knows you.

When he came to the UK about six and a half years ago, he started working as a labourer. He worked in a lumber factory and construction company. After working for some time, he was able to buy a trumpet. After this, he joined a Bristol band. He was staying there itself. He also started playing at nursing homes. He stayed in a column which even had no electricity. He played on the streets.

Martello has worked with many famous artists and has also contributed sound recordings to many Hollywood films. The last song he worked on is “Uber Time called”. He is also asked to play at various masterclasses. He also performed in many international festivals like the Brass Festivals.

At the council meeting held on Mealhata on Tuesday, the Mayor praised the achievements of Luis Martello. He stated that a letter of congratulations would be sent to the musician. He will try to implement this as soon as the situation is right and favourable.


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