Why you shouldn’t use camera Accessories Tripod while taking Shoots

Have you ever compared a camera photo with a LED camera photo? While using lenses, it goes without saying some are of good qualities unlike photos taken via camera smartphones. As much as LED photos are stunning, they must pass through editing software to make them super fine, unlike smartphone photos.

Whilst, what if you are traveling miles of the journey, would you prefer carrying along with your tripod and camera so that you can take photos where you are going? When you compare with smartphones, what will make you run or jump while taking shoots? Meaning, the handiness of equipment is a key factor to deem fit when taking pictures too.

Some of the cheap camera accessories can be inconvenient while traveling and taking some of the obvious pictures in different topography. And, a tripod is not exceptional. That’s said, we’ve compiled some of the reasons why you should not use camera accessories tripod while taking shoots. It is awesome using it, right? But have you ever considered its drawbacks? Some might be searching from all the four corners of different search engines, worry not, in this article, you’ll find all the nitty-gritty you needed to be familiarized with concerning the demerits of having a tripod.

This article will leave you with an informed decision when you want to launch your camera studio.

Without wasting time, below are the reasons why you shouldn’t purchase a tripod for your camera photography.

  1. Tripod is heavy to carry along
  2. Occupies large space when in use
  3. Difficult to use in congested places

Tripod is heavy to carry along

Nobody is against the sharp vision created on an image when taking photos aided by a tripod. Similarly, they offer support to the camera.

On the other hand, a tripod is difficult to carry. Yet they are made with aluminum, steel, lightweight carbon fibers, they have an assortment of parts that make them heavy. For example, the head, legs, and the center post among others.

Occupies Large Space when in Use

Tripod has different components that will need space from its set up.

When you present it in a small room, you might be compelled to avoid using a tripod due to the setup and the space the equipment will occupy. Thus it will be strenuous to use a camera with a tripod in a small room.

Difficult to use in Congested Places

Imagine you’ve been called to take a shoot in a wedding ceremony, funerals, or any other large gathering?

Already without discernment, you can fill the difficulties that might be involved in taking photos in such gathering. Tripod will occupy space and will be an inconvenience to move with it to take pictures in some congested places.

Final Thoughts

You can use a tripod in landscape photography to take photos during the sunset or sunrises. However, this equipment is heavy to carry and travel with it, it is difficult to use in congested places and the tripod might occupy a large space which makes it inconvenient to use in small rooms.

Therefore, with the above drawbacks laced upon a tripod accessory, it is upon your need and requirements to purchase for your photography.


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